Buchanan Virtual Academy & Step Up

Welcome to a new school year! I hope that we all can work together and achieve our goals. This is a site for all information needed to get through your online schooling successfully. This is where you can find the links for the websites needed to get to your courses. You will find contact information for your teachers here as well.

Buchanan Virtual Academy offers full-time online opportunities for students in grades K-12. Coursework is done from home and the curriculum is available 24/7 with certified teachers available five days a week. The engaging curriculum offers flexibility and covers all Michigan requirements. Students may accelerate at their own individual pace.

High School courses meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements and 18 credits are required for graduation. Students enrolling with previous high school credits will have their credits examined and credited in the Michigan Merit requirements where possible.

Buchanan Virtual Academy focuses on student mastery of content and all courses are attached to Michigan certified teachers offering students’ academic assistance along the way. Progress reports are available for parents as well as communication with students by phone, email, instant and text messaging, and video conferencing. If needed, students are provided a computer, scanner, and internet access free of charge.

Students who live in the Buchanan school district are eligible for enrollment, and the Buchanan Promise. As well as all Berrien County students and students in adjacent counties can enroll.

Online learning is a fit for many students unable to take classes in a traditional setting.

Buchanan Step Up can enroll 6-12 grade students from all over the State of Michigan. Step Up is an online solution for students who have dropped out of school and operates year round. Every student receives a computer and internet connectivity, allowing them to access their course work anytime. Students are assigned two advocates who work with the student to create an aggressive high school completion plan. Students must complete one class per month to stay in the program.

How to succeed in an online course...

When it comes to an online course, you need to have the drive to push yourself to work. Working outside of your classroom will help you get done faster. Make sure you are bringing headphones so you can listen to your videos. Take lots of notes, these can be used on any and all tests. Don't talk to neighbors, you are responsible for your class. Everything has to be done, make sure you are looking at your pacing guide and following it step by step. Being ahead is always a good thing, being behind is where we run into problems. Ask questions, whether it is to your room supervisor or a message/phone call to your teacher. We are all here to help you pass our class. No one wants to see you fail.

Back on Track

This is a video that the Virtual teachers have created to help remind you that you are important and they want you to succeed. If you are feeling like you are stuck and don't want to move on, watch this video and then contact your teacher or mentor for some help. It is time to get back on track. You got this!


Middle School Student Spotlights from the teachers